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(D) Dairy       (G) Gluten       (E) Egg       (C) Crustaceans       (S) Shellfish


Skinny Curry

Spiced Poppadom

Made with Urad flour and baked in tandoor. Sesame oil - 29 Calories


Chicken Chatt Wrap

Small pieced of chicken cooked with herbs and spices, served on chapathi (G - Chapathi only) - 258 Calories


Aloo Chatt Wrap

Small pieces of aloo cooked with herbs and spices, served on chapathi (G - chapathi only) - 240 Calories


Chicken Balti

Specially flavoured curry, sweet and sour. Served with chapathi (G - chapathi only) - 317 Calories


Chicken Korma

Cooked with coconut milk, lightly spiced with low calorie sugar - 374 Calories


Chicken Madras

Cooked in a very spicy sauce, lemon juice, desiccated coconut - 330 Calories


Vegetable Bhuna

Cooked with fresh vegetables. Available mild or medium hot - 300 Calories


Saag Aloo

Spiced potato and spinach cooked with herbs and spices - 247 Calories


Gobi Bhaji

Spiced cauliflower, cooked with herbs and spices - 235 Calories


Spicy Dhall

Lentils cooked spiced, garlic, turmeric and grilled chillies - 364 Calories


Steamed Rice

64 Calories


Pilau Rice

94 Calories


Tandoori Roti






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